Positive Reactions That May Occur

A lot of gas, plenty and oily urine, feces is pale yellow (sometimes gray) and oily and tends to float, which shows a low weight due to broken down fat. During the beginning, the body may often detoxify, which is marked with dark-colored urine and feces.

Side Effects That May Occur

  1. Generally there is no excess or heavy side effect. However, the gas produced by the broken down fat or detoxification may cause it to pile up in the stomach and intestines, which causes bloating and diarrhea-like defecation. This may last for the first 2 weeks if the total usage time is over 6 to 8 hours per day. Stop using the device temporarily if the excretion happens too often.
  2. Weak electric field caused by the c-Sport jacket generates electrostatic, which causes the skin to dry. Those with the skin allergic to electrostatic may experience itchiness or allergy, such as the skin turns red when using the device in an air-conditioned/cold room or when sweating. To reduce the electrostatic effect, wear a dry clothe made from cotton before donning the jacket. You may also use a moisturizing lotion on the skin. The effect may occur for 2 weeks to one month; stop using the jacket if the allergic reaction continues for over one month.
  3. An excess usage may cause muscle fatigue. If you have a problematic liver, you are not advised to use the c-Sport jacket as it may burden the liver.
  4. If you have a stomach ulcer/gastritis and typhoid, you are not advised to use the c-Sport jacket as the gas caused by the detoxification process can aggravate your condition –or you may use the device for a limited time as instructed by your doctor or the medical physicist team.
  5. The c-Sport jacket is not designed as a therapy for those who are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer patients ARE NOT ADVISED to use the c-Sport jacket as well as pregnant women.
  6. The c-Sport jacket generally does not cause any reaction/ side effect if you are healthy. If you have any complaint after using the jacket, IMMEDIATELY STOP using it and consult with your doctor about any plausible cause of problems with your body.