The cSport Apparel works based on the principles of Electro-Capacitive Body Stimulation (ECBS, ID Patent) that employs electro-static pulses with the frequency between 1/8 Hz to 2,5 kHz and maximum voltage of 50 Vpp (+/-25V ) to stimulate body muscles and organs. The electro-static pulses transmitted to the body through capacitive electrodes embedded inside an apparel to generate low level electric fields that induce electric polarization on the body surface and organ interfaces within the body.

The mechanism works effectively as most of the human body are constituted from dielectric materials. The electric polarization induces muscle strain, increasing cell metabolism and, consequently, boosting calorie consumption even when the body not in physical activities. The electric polarization pulls electric charges to the body and organ surfaces, attracting blood cells to reach farthest area in the body near the surfaces, allowing blood circulation up to cellular level without increasing the blood pressure, giving effect to removal of waste material and oxidants accumulated in remote arteries and increasing nutrients transport to enhance tissue regeneration in the usually unreached area with sedentary blood circulation. The mechanism can be referred to as a passive sport, namely cSport.