cSport Device Maintenance:

  1. Use a dryer if the Apparel is wet or damp from sweat.
  2. To clean the Apparel dry-clean or wet soft brush to brush off the Apparel surface, do not use machine wash or in water.
  3. Use cold or warm fan to dry wet Apparel; do not use heat or dry under direct sunlight.
  4. Neatly fold the Apparel after every use; fold the Apparel by following the patterns of indentation in order not to create new patterns.
  5. Do not stack heavy items on top of the Apparel.
  6. Use EFD (Electric Field Detector) regularly to detect electric fields emitted by the ECBS Apparel to ensure that the device is in normal condition.
  7. Calibrate the ECBS devices at the appointed service center every 1 to 2 months.